Dr Romén Reyes-Peschl

London, UK · +44 (0) 7939 208 231 · holler@romen-reyes-peschl.com

I am a London-based full stack web developer with a passion for UX/UI and experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Angular, HTML, CSS and SQL. With an interdisciplinary background in literature, editorial and medical humanities, I value the simultaneous beauty and practicality of all language, whether formal or natural. I bring a strong editorial eye to writing both code and content, providing a rounded, holistic yet original view on any task, ranging from the minutiae of problem-solving to the big picture of project conceptualization. I am a huge football fan (soccer to some), have played in several bands and am owned by a cat called Buddy. By clicking on xQuisite-Corpsing, you can try an app I made with that same name (best viewed on desktop/laptop), or otherwise feel free to just ask me about my banana bread recipe: holler@romen-reyes-peschl.com


  • + English (native)

  • + Spanish (fluent)

  • + Slovak (fluent)

  • + French (intermediate)

  • + German (intermediate)


xQuisite Corpsing
click here to try it out online

A creative and educational tool with an artsy, experimental take on human anatomy

+ Developed a Rails API backend with endpoints for first lines and later lines of a collaborative poem
+ Employed ReactJS to implement user interface
+ Utilized vanilla CSS for full customizable control over styling


An intuitive meal-planning app to mimic a food-diary on your fridge door (pair-programming project)

+ Constructed React frontend to complement Rails API backend
+ Accessed Food2Fork API to pull recipe data for users to plan a day’s meals
+ Applied Semantic-React, Moment and React-Beautiful-Dnd to provide styling and usability

Ungreeting Cards

Irreverent spin on a greeting card application (pair-programming project)

+ Set up a Rails API Backend with endpoints for cards and categories
+ Implemented responsive front end with vanilla JavaScript
+ Utilized Semantic UI to style the user interface


Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp Student

Flatiron School, London

Studied full-time (and then some...), building projects and apps with a range of technologies, such as:
+ Ruby
+ Rails
+ JavaScript
+ React
+ Angular

October 2018 - February 2019

English Translation Editor

Vegueta: Anuario de la Facultad de Geografía e Historia

+ Copyediting and proofing of all titles, abstracts and keywords translated into English, which improves the journal’s standing
+ Proofing of all manuscripts submitted in English to broaden the journal’s international scope and impact
+ Ensuring consistent adherence to house style across all anglophone journal submissions
+ Translation and in-depth fact-checking, often catching important incongruities

June 2016 - Present

Assistant Lecturer

University of Kent

+ Led undergraduate seminars, resulting in strong student feedback
+ Set and marked presentation assignments and coursework essays, leading to distinct student improvement
+ Assisted with the smooth running of administrative/assessment procedures in more than one department (English and History)
+ Held office hours for students and provided general pastoral care

September 2012 - August 2016

Editorial Assistant

Imperial College Press

+ Copyedited and proofed prestigious, cutting-edge scientific books, and name-checked by authors in said books for my efforts
+ Drew up contracts, project-managed and offered ongoing general support for authors as well as other stakeholders
+ Assisted Commissioning and Editorial staff with miscellaneous tasks, including filing and database management

February 2008 - November 2010


Flatiron School, London

Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp
Full Stack Web Development

October 2018 - February 2019

University of Kent, UK

PhD English
Thesis title: "Convolutions: Writing the Mind and the Neurology of the Literary Brain"

September 2012 - August 2016

University of Sussex, UK

MA Critical Theory
Thesis title: "Interrogating Literature: Telepathy, Law and the Detective in Cameron McCabe’s 'The Face on the Cutting-Room Floor'"

September 2011 - September 2012

Birkbeck, University of London, UK

BA Humanities and Hispanic Studies
Thesis title: "The Eighth Island: Transatlantic Affinites and Nationalism in Canarian Folk Music"

September 2006 - June 2010

Awards & Certifications

  • The University of Kent Cuba Scholarship - 2016
  • Neurophilosophy Summer School Graduate - Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL - 2015
  • Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience: From Molecule to Behaviour Summer School Graduate - Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL - 2014
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Scholarship - University of Kent, Canterbury, UK - 2012-2015
  • Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) - Bayswater College (formerly Stanton School), London - 2010
  • Birkbeck BA Humanities Finalist Prize - Birkbeck, University of London - 2010
  • Ede and Ravenscroft Prize for Best Overall Performance - Birkbeck, University of London - 2008
  • City & Guilds 7307 - Certificate in Delivering Learning/Teaching to Adults - City Lit, London - 2003
  • OCR Certificate in ICT for Teachers and Trainers - City Lit, London - 2003

Selected Publications

  • “The End is Built into the Beginning”: Charlie Kaufman and the Orderly Disorder of Neuroscience - in Symbolism: An International Annual of Critical Aesthetics, ‘Beyond Mind’ Special Issue - Forthcoming in 2019
  • The Detective as “Zombie of the Interrogative Mood” in Cameron McCabe’s 'The Face on the Cutting-Room Floor' - in Mosaic, Issue 49.1, pp. 93–109 - 2016
  • The Ritual of Reason: Neuroscience as Detective Fiction - in Litterae Mentis, Volume 2: https://litteraementis.wordpress.com/volume-2-ritual - 2015
  • “Aggravation” and “Recompense”: Dialectics, Terrorism and Literature in BS Johnson’s 'Christie Malry’s Own Double-Entry' - in BSJ: The BS Johnson Journal, Issue 2: http://www.lulu.com/shop/ed-darlington-hooper-seddon-tew-zouaoui/bsj-the-bsjohnson-journal-2/paperback/product-22374374.html - 2015
  • Science as a Quest: Neuroscience, Don Quixote and the Interrogation of 2014 Truth - in Mètode, Issue 82, (available in English, Spanish (Castilian) and Catalan): DOI:10.7203/metode.82.3532 - 2014

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